Stein Accounting Services is your business partner when it comes to professional tax and accounting services. With over 15 years’ combined experience, Stein Accounting promises hassle-free tax and accounting support.

Explore the support system available to you at Stein Accounting. We are passionate about business and seek to connect with you on a personal level: do you require advice and guidance, or are you looking for more efficient methods in the workplace? We can help you. We aim to make the financial decision-making process as simple as possible, allowing you to minimise time spent on administration and focus on running your business.

Business Tax

Accounting & Vat


Individual Tax

Business Setup


Joining Process

You can join Stein Accounting in four easy steps.

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Step 1

Stein Accounting will meet you face-to-face to discuss your needs.

Step 2

During the meeting we carefully assess and outline your requirements.

Step 3

An agreement is drawn up, which includes all services to be offered and costs involved.

Step 4

We then implement the best plan of action, providing you with ample time to run your business with ease.

Talk to us about your Tax and Finance Needs

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